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Concerns with Vanguard? How to Move to Fidelity

Now that Your Survival Guy has made clear my concerns about Vanguard, why and how should you move to Fidelity? Fidelity Investments: Why it’s #1 Do You Know Fidelity’s Best Kept Secret Weapon? Breaking News: Why Fidelity is #1 Rich CEO, Poor CEO? Why Fidelity is Number One Schwab vs. Fidelity: Separate Your Banking from […]

Island in the Sky: C-130J Super Hercules

Your Survival Guy is a big fan of the C-130J Super Hercules, what I refer to as an Island in the Sky. Action Line: Click here to subscribe to my free monthly Survive & Thrive letter.

Time to Flee? Discover Your Survival Super State

Earlier this year, Your Survival Guy released his 2024 Super States. Now, with everything that’s happening in the country, the push will continue toward states’ rights. Begin your family’s search for safer pastures here. Your Survival Guy’s 2024 Super States is in, and I wonder: Is it time to flee? Because this is the beginning […]

Vanguard Study: 68% of Rollover IRAs Missing Out

“In a recent survey of over 500 Vanguard IRA clients who completed a rollover in 2023 but were still in cash in June, 68% didn’t know how their IRA money was invested,” explains the WSJ from a Vanguard study on rollover IRAs. The report continues to illustrate how investors who move money from their 401(k)s […]

My Favorite Arrondissements in Paris

With the Olympics about to kick off in Paris, there’s been a lot of news coverage of the city where Your Survival Guy has spent more time than most tourists at this point. In The Wall Street Journal, J.S. Marcus has prepared a review of Paris’s neighborhoods. Your Survival Guy’s favorite arrondissements in the city […]

When You Hear the Words “Robo Adviser,” Run

The first sentence of a Wall Street Journal piece by AnnaMaria Andriotis tells you all you need to know: “Goldman Sachs is turning to Main Street investors to boost its fee revenue.” Goldman Sachs is coming to Main Street, not to help investors, but to boost its fee revenue. You already know what Your Survival […]

Paris, China, the Middle Class and the Luxury Olympics

In a few days, the 2024 Summer Olympics will begin in Paris, France. Your Survival Guy was recently in Paris, and the city didn’t seem quite prepared at the time. But it appears that progress is being made. Much of the progress and glamour of the Paris games will be attributed to France’s wealthiest man, […]

What Does 2024 Mean for Gun Owners?

You have watched with America as a strange set of events has unfolded over the last two weeks. First, an assassin attempted to take President Donald Trump’s life at a rally in Butler Township, PA, then this weekend, Joe Biden’s campaign collapsed, and he endorsed Kamala Harris in his stead. Following the assassination attempt, in […]

How Can Biden Remain in the White House?

Now that Joe Biden has dropped out of his reelection campaign, what’s most surprising is how long Democrats were selling the lie of his physical and mental fitness. Hollywood and the media were on board right to the end. Now that everyone admits Joe is too feeble to run for reelection, America is faced with […]

Borrowers on Shaky Ground

You know Your Survival Guy has been happy to see higher rates that retirees and savers could sink their teeth into. But what about borrowers? Interest paid on non-mortgage borrowing has surged as high rates have made purchases of cars, homes, and anything on a credit card more expensive. Gina Heeb and Kailyn Rhone report […]

Put On a Coat of Armor for Long Term Success

When you make money slowly and invest it over a lifetime, you give yourself a front-row seat to how brutal markets can be. You have an opportunity to educate yourself on the perils that lurk behind every corner where so-called trusted advisors look to you as the product. They look at you as their piggy […]

Trying to Get Work Done on Your House? Impossible

If you’ve tried to find help getting some work done at your house, you know how hard it is to find anyone to do the work. You’re ready to pay. You know it will cost some dough. But there is no one around to answer your call, just crickets. It’s not a great feeling. Which […]

Trump Explains Assassination Attempt on His Life

As former President Trump explained last night, he would describe the assassination attempt on his life for the first and last time. When he said that, you could feel the love in the room, much like you could see the love and support for him after he was shot in the ear and took cover […]

Americans Are Ready to Trash ESG

You watched as America’s largest corporations rushed to adopt “woke” policies in order to meet the standards for inclusion in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) funds. These companies’ CEOs didn’t want to miss out on the craze that BlackRock and others were selling because exclusion from the ESG funds would mean potentially lower stock prices, […]

Going for Broke Is No Way to Live

You know about Your Survival Guy’s money from here, here, and here. I don’t like debt, and I don’t want you to be in debt. When you are free from debt, you don’t feel the pressure of making payments, and the bank doesn’t own your home if you miss said payments. You’re in control. On […]