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SPECIAL CONFESSION: Why I’m Being Hard on Vanguard

Dear faithful readers, here it is, the piece you’ve all been waiting for: Why I’m being hard on Vanguard. I know you want me down on my knees. You want a confession of sorts. You want answers. Just yesterday, you told me: “You sound like a man possessed, a maniac. My family has money at […]

Priebus: Ready and Waiting for Trump in Milwaukee

I wrote to you twelve years ago about how much I like Donald Trump’s former Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus. Now, Priebus is the Host Committee Chairman for this summer’s RNC Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Priebus’s committee has raised more than $85 million for the event, and I expect Priebus will be a welcoming host […]

Vanguard’s Payphone Service

Remember using a payphone? For those of us born before the new century, feeding quarters and dimes into a payphone to make calls feels a bit nostalgic at this point. But how do you feel about paying for phone service when your retirement is on the line? No one should be nickeled and dimed for […]

July RAGE Gauge: Gold, Interest Rates, and You

You don’t want to get caught in the fog without some know-how. That’s how Your Survival Guy feels about this market. You want to be prepared. Because we just don’t know when disasters will strike. Which brings me to this month’s RAGE Gauge. It’s not pretty out there. What did you expect from Your Survival […]

Everything About Vanguard’s Move Was Surprising

You’ve read a lot about Vanguard’s recent hiring of its news CEO, Salim Ramji. It wasn’t only Ramji’s status as the first outside hire for CEO in Vanguard’s history that made his ascension to the post odd. The way it was handled and the previous CEO, Tim Buckley’s departure, was also strange. At Morningstar, Susan […]

CREATION AND DESTRUCTION: Super States and Their Demise

How do you build a Super State? The most important step is to make the needs of Main Street businesses and citizens your top priority. Ronald Reagan did that when he was governor of California and created what may have been America’s greatest success story. But what happened? Now, people are leaving California in droves. […]

BREAKING: Week #1 Changing of the (Van)Guard

We are in week one of the changing of the guard at Vanguard. New CEO Salim Ramji from BlackRock took over on Monday. “Vanguard’s Die-Hard Customers Have a Message for New CEO: ‘The Service is Abysmal,’” wasn’t written by Your Survival Guy, it was a headline in The WSJ. You know from my Special Report […]

“Hello is Anyone There?” Vanguard Limits Phone Calls

Your Survival Guy sees this latest move as a push to a higher fee advisor service, or else. According to Think Advisor’s Dinah Wisenberg Brin, Vanguard is warning clients that if they use phone support too much, their accounts will be canceled. Wisenberg Brin writes: Vanguard Group’s aim to steer brokerage customers toward online engagement […]

The Great Elephant Migration in Newport, RI

I have invited you to Newport, RI, and you have listened. Here’s another reason to come see me. Chadd Scott of Forbes tells his readers that through September 2, 2024, The Great Elephant Migration can be seen along Newport’s famed Cliff Walk hugging the Atlantic Ocean with groups installed at Salve Regina University, The Breakers, […]

WARNING: Your Survival Guy and Gal in the Fog

Your Survival Guy and Gal were returning to Newport by boat Sunday and ran into some thick fog. Having spent the weekend seeing good friends for the passing of a father, it was a bittersweet reunion. At the celebration of his life, one of his sons reminded us of what his dad considered a pentathlon […]

The Uphill Battle at Vanguard

You know there’s a new CEO at Vanguard. Salim Ramji is the company’s first outside hire for CEO in its history. Now, he’s facing the challenges left for him by the former Vanguard executives who pushed out John Bogle. Andrew Welsch notes in a piece in Barron’s that customers are unhappy with both Vanguard’s service […]

SUPER STATE: Utah’s Silicon Slopes

You can’t blame Silicon Valley tech workers who are fleeing California to states like Utah, where there families are safe, the air is clean, and they’re not forced to pay punitive taxation to a state government that cares more about its own political agenda than serving its residents. Jessica Flint explains in The Wall Street […]

Turning $100k into $1.6 Million

In my conversations with you, you tell me about the trips you’re taking this summer. Trips to the grocery store, to the mountains, to the shore, and to the lake—to name a few. It’s all quite expensive, which makes times like these the perfect opportunity to explain to a young one about creating generational wealth […]

I’m Hearing This All the Time from Vanguard Customers

You have made yourselves heard, at least to Your Survival Guy. Vanguard’s service isn’t what it once was. Now, Vanguard’s new CEO, former BlackRock exec, Salim Ramji, is being told the same thing. Will he listen? Don’t get your hopes up. Jack Pitcher reports in The Wall Street Journal: Vanguard won an army of loyal […]

Taxpayers Continue to Flee Blue States

Annual IRS data from 2022 has been released, and it was more bad news for high-tax blue states like California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Those states combined lost $57 billion in adjusted gross income. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board reports: The pandemic lockdowns accelerated flight from Democratic-run states with onerous taxes […]