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Big Box Investing and Taxes: Vanguard Is BlackRock

When it comes to investing, don’t let taxes wag the dog. Everyone wants the best way to save on taxes, but to consolidate assets with a “do-everything” outfit is simply that: a way for them to gather your assets and charge fees. But that’s the direction the industry is heading, and the shot across the […]

The Dawn Before the Fed’s Decision on Rates

You still have time to lock in rates you can sink your teeth into. If you have lazy cash sitting around eating all your food and making a mess of the place then put it to work. I’m here when you’re ready to talk. As I wrote to you back in October, if you’re overexposed […]

The Rusted Dollar

You know from Your Survival Guy’s recent story about what I saw in Europe that the dollar is strong compared to other currencies. But what about when it’s compared to its former self? From January 1934 until March 1968 (with some variation around WWII and the Korean War), gold was worth about $35/ounce, or more […]

Biden’s Gun Hypocrisy

On the heels of his son’s conviction for federal gun crimes, Joe Biden, who has not condemned his son’s actions, joined with the radical group Everytown for Gun Safety to discuss their desire to take guns away from law-abiding Americans. Mason Letteau Stallings reports in The American Conservative: On Tuesday afternoon, President Joe Biden addressed […]

Paris: How to Tip Your Servers

OK, let me give you a bit of advice on tipping for the next time you’re in Paris: You’re not in America. Tipping in Paris is appreciated but not expected. But it should be done with care because simply throwing down twenty percent of the tab can be viewed as too American. In Paris, working […]

Mike Rowe: Something to Stand For

You have read a lot about Mike Rowe here with Your Survival Guy. Rowe is a champion of the hardworking American spirit that made this country great. He also occasionally points out where things are going wrong in America and gives his advice on how to fix them. Now, Rowe has made a movie called […]

Billionaire Trump Donor Makes Bid to Keep Remington American

If you haven’t heard, CSG, a Czech industrial company, has been attempting to buy the ammunition operations of Vista Outdoors, which includes Remington. Now, there’s nothing wrong with America’s NATO allies, the Czechs, but Remington has been an American-owned brand since 1816. Jeffery Hildebrand, a big donor to President Donald Trump and owner of the […]

When You Have Lots to Lose, You Understand…

When you have a lot to lose, you understand risk. You understand what it takes—and what it took—to get to where you are. You think about risk and wonder: why chance it? This is where Your Survival Guy and Gal found themselves on Saturday morning. Should we take the boat to see my parents over […]

Who Thinks Higher Inflation Is a Good Idea?

With the Federal Reserve having trouble pushing inflation down to 2%, where it already chews away at Americans’ savings like a stealth tax on their wealth, some economists want to move the goalposts by giving the Fed a target of 4% inflation instead. Justin Lahart reports in The Wall Street Journal: Inflation is still higher […]

Are Your Finances in Order?

Are your finances in order? Do you have the proper beneficiary designations in place for your retirement accounts? Ashlea Ebeling reports on an extreme example of the dangers that can arise when the details aren’t taken into account while you’re in good health. She explains in The Wall Street Journal: Jeffrey Rolison and Margaret Sjostedt […]

A Return to Gold Standard Would Work Wonders

Are you heading abroad this summer? Good timing. As Your Survival Guy discovered before his recent trip across the pond, the US dollar carries some weight. Not exactly par with the pound or euro but solid compared to the last decade or so of taking trips to Europe, mostly to Paris. But like the upcoming […]

Stock Exchange in Texas: Geographic Arbitrage

You know Americans are voting with their feet when it comes to relocating to a better America. The same is taking place with Wall Street as trading moves to places like Florida and Texas, where politics and taxes don’t muck up transactions like New York. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board explains: The Texas exchange […]

Commercial Real Estate Bites Regional Banks

You know pension funds are suffering from their misplaced faith in commercial real estate, but regional banks have been hurting as well. Moody’s just downgraded six banks for their exposure to commercial real estate. Bloomberg’s Hari Govind reports: Moody’s Ratings said at least six US regional banks with a substantial exposure to commercial real estate […]

Chinese Food in Paris and Our Favored Lunch

I wrote to you yesterday about my observation that there were fewer Chinese in Paris during my recent trip there than in years past. This is a direct reflection of economic troubles on the mainland, mostly due, in my estimation, to the popping of the real estate bubble—the number one asset class for Chinese investors. […]

Radical “Lawfare” Goes Beyond Trump: Food and Oil Companies Targeted

You have watched as radical progressive AGs like Letitia James (NY) and DAs like Alvin Bragg (New York County, NY) and Fani Willis (Fulton County, GA) have used legal warfare, known as “lawfare” to attack President Donald Trump. But the 45th president isn’t the only target of radical progressive lawfare. James and others are now […]