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Are You Still with Vanguard, and Are You Concerned?

A long time ago, Vanguard founder Jack Bogle came up with a novel idea for a mutual fund company. Keep fees low, passively mimic the market, and let the shareholders mutually own the company. Then he went out to tell the world about his anti-Wall Street creation and thankfully had help along the way. In […]

The Populist Groundswell Has Landed in France

From Your Survival Guy’s many trips to Paris, I can tell you that in my conversations with folks on the ground, Parisians aren’t a real political group. What they do enjoy is pointing fingers at me about who we have running for president. “That’s the best you can do?” they imply. Yet those who have […]

Good at Buying, Not So Much When Selling

Investors are good at buying. Not so much when selling. They buy with excitement, lose interest over time, and the next thing you know, they’re left with some dogs that just won’t hunt. Several real estate firms are touting the strength of their portfolio and how it is a great entry point. But what about […]

Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street like Self-Driving Cars

Are you paying attention to the trillions and trillions of dollars tied up in passive index funds mainly between the big three money managers: Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street? Investors send money to these behemoths through 401(k)s, target date funds, and managed accounts like they’re riding in a self-driving car on autopilot. No thought whatsoever […]

Will the French Abandon the Establishment?

In Paris, protests are a national pastime. On one of our many trips, we inquired about a certain day to tour Versailles but were told it would be closed for a planned protest. But what’s going on now, from a boots-on-the-ground perspective, is more of a countrywide populist groundswell. The bond market is on edge. […]

The Global Groundswell Against the Elites

On Your Survival Guy’s recent trip to Paris, one observation was the traffic. Driving in Paris is a contact sport, but with the mayor closing roads to encourage biking and walking, the snarled traffic was a nightmare. Is it any wonder Parisians are up in arms? Look at the groundswell against the elites taking place […]

Big Box Investing and Taxes: Vanguard Is BlackRock

When it comes to investing, don’t let taxes wag the dog. Everyone wants the best way to save on taxes, but to consolidate assets with a “do-everything” outfit is simply that: a way for them to gather your assets and charge fees. But that’s the direction the industry is heading, and the shot across the […]

The Dawn Before the Fed’s Decision on Rates

You still have time to lock in rates you can sink your teeth into. If you have lazy cash sitting around eating all your food and making a mess of the place then put it to work. I’m here when you’re ready to talk. As I wrote to you back in October, if you’re overexposed […]

The Rusted Dollar

You know from Your Survival Guy’s recent story about what I saw in Europe that the dollar is strong compared to other currencies. But what about when it’s compared to its former self? From January 1934 until March 1968 (with some variation around WWII and the Korean War), gold was worth about $35/ounce, or more […]

Biden’s Gun Hypocrisy

On the heels of his son’s conviction for federal gun crimes, Joe Biden, who has not condemned his son’s actions, joined with the radical group Everytown for Gun Safety to discuss their desire to take guns away from law-abiding Americans. Mason Letteau Stallings reports in The American Conservative: On Tuesday afternoon, President Joe Biden addressed […]

Paris: How to Tip Your Servers

OK, let me give you a bit of advice on tipping for the next time you’re in Paris: You’re not in America. Tipping in Paris is appreciated but not expected. But it should be done with care because simply throwing down twenty percent of the tab can be viewed as too American. In Paris, working […]

Mike Rowe: Something to Stand For

You have read a lot about Mike Rowe here with Your Survival Guy. Rowe is a champion of the hardworking American spirit that made this country great. He also occasionally points out where things are going wrong in America and gives his advice on how to fix them. Now, Rowe has made a movie called […]

Billionaire Trump Donor Makes Bid to Keep Remington American

If you haven’t heard, CSG, a Czech industrial company, has been attempting to buy the ammunition operations of Vista Outdoors, which includes Remington. Now, there’s nothing wrong with America’s NATO allies, the Czechs, but Remington has been an American-owned brand since 1816. Jeffery Hildebrand, a big donor to President Donald Trump and owner of the […]

When You Have Lots to Lose, You Understand…

When you have a lot to lose, you understand risk. You understand what it takes—and what it took—to get to where you are. You think about risk and wonder: why chance it? This is where Your Survival Guy and Gal found themselves on Saturday morning. Should we take the boat to see my parents over […]

Who Thinks Higher Inflation Is a Good Idea?

With the Federal Reserve having trouble pushing inflation down to 2%, where it already chews away at Americans’ savings like a stealth tax on their wealth, some economists want to move the goalposts by giving the Fed a target of 4% inflation instead. Justin Lahart reports in The Wall Street Journal: Inflation is still higher […]