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Put On a Coat of Armor for Long Term Success

When you make money slowly and invest it over a lifetime, you give yourself a front-row seat to how brutal markets can be. You have an opportunity to educate yourself on the perils that lurk behind every corner where so-called trusted advisors look to you as the product. They look at you as their piggy […]

Trying to Get Work Done on Your House? Impossible

If you’ve tried to find help getting some work done at your house, you know how hard it is to find anyone to do the work. You’re ready to pay. You know it will cost some dough. But there is no one around to answer your call, just crickets. It’s not a great feeling. Which […]

Trump Explains Assassination Attempt on His Life

As former President Trump explained last night, he would describe the assassination attempt on his life for the first and last time. When he said that, you could feel the love in the room, much like you could see the love and support for him after he was shot in the ear and took cover […]

Americans Are Ready to Trash ESG

You watched as America’s largest corporations rushed to adopt “woke” policies in order to meet the standards for inclusion in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) funds. These companies’ CEOs didn’t want to miss out on the craze that BlackRock and others were selling because exclusion from the ESG funds would mean potentially lower stock prices, […]

Going for Broke Is No Way to Live

You know about Your Survival Guy’s money from here, here, and here. I don’t like debt, and I don’t want you to be in debt. When you are free from debt, you don’t feel the pressure of making payments, and the bank doesn’t own your home if you miss said payments. You’re in control. On […]

Trump’s Embrace of Private Sector Unions Is About…

Former President Trump’s embrace of private sector unions is all about the Rust Belt and the workers on the factory floor. In other words, Main Street. The problem with unions isn’t the workers, it is leadership gone bad. Because it is leadership that charges exorbitant membership fees that hardly trickle down to private sector workers. […]

Tucker Speaks: No Empire Has Ever Ended In…

Tucker Carlson speaks with Bojan Pancevski of the WSJ: ‘No empire has ever ended in a more pointless, wasteful way.’ How did a patriotic American conservative who came of age in the Reagan era end up believing that Russia is a better place than the U. S.? He says that his evolution from a bow-tie […]

Spending Warning: Caution, This Isn’t for Everyone

You know, it’s never too late to come visit Your Survival Guy. Thank you to those who have and will be soon. It’s been a busy couple of months for us. Not to mention Newport’s buzzing with more activity and visitors than I have seen in years. Don’t let that keep you away. I have […]

BLACKROCK: The Takeover of Vanguard from Within?

When you read about the haphazard transition Vanguard made from its former CEO to its current CEO—BlackRock rainmaker Salim Ramji—it makes me wonder if Vanguard is in play. Is it being primed for a takeover? When you read the annual letter from BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, you can sense how proud he is of its […]

Could Trump Lead a Jacksonian Revolution in America?

In The Wall Street Journal, Walter Russell Mead discusses America’s potential Jacksonian turn should Donald Trump be reelected. He writes: Saturday’s events made America more Jacksonian and gave Mr. Trump an unbreakable hold on Jacksonian America. On the one hand, the assassination attempt reinforced the sense that Jacksonian America is under siege. On the other, […]

J.D. (Vance) Is the Pick and Biden’s Campaign Rhetoric

“J.D. is the pick,” you emailed me yesterday. “The Hillbilly [Elegy] was a great read that you wrote about, and I read. This is a man that came from nothing, wound up going to Yale. Hear, hear to route 23. All is well,” J.W. Hear, hear is right. Because for me, it was a local […]

Who Is Vanguard’s New CEO Salim Ramji?

You know that Vanguard has a new CEO named Salim Ramji, and that he’s the first outside hire for Vanguard’s top executive in its history. You also know that Ramji most recently worked for BlackRock, the epicenter of the ESG fad that puts the political agendas of money managers ahead of investors. But what else […]

Why Did Former Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley Leave?

While Vanguard is trying to paint the recent transition from its now-former CEO Tim Buckley to Salim Ramji as a planned transition, Buckley’s abrupt departure raised eyebrows among Vanguard watchers. Why did Buckley abruptly leave Vanguard after 33 years? In announcing his departure on LinkedIn, Buckley wrote: Thirty-three years ago, I was lucky to join […]

Two Americas: The Assassination Attempt on Trump

You don’t need to read the headlines on CNN to understand what’s going on. We live in two Americas. Those who will be controlled by state media, the administrative state, and corporate elites (not in any particular order), and those who wish to live free. When you see the assassination attempt on former President Trump […]

The Politics of Real Estate

You can tell a lot about states based on its real estate market. Are people moving in or out? Are prices rising or falling? How are the schools? Is this someplace families want to raise their children? These are all questions that have answers that point to more complicated underlying trends. Your Survival Guy has […]