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“What Do You Do If the Market Crashes?”

“What do you do if the market crashes?” a new client asked me last week. “Good question,” I said. “I get that one a lot.” And it’s one of the reasons I’ve been writing to you, valued reader, on my efficient frontier study. The efficient frontier is a visual expression of my phrase, “It’s not […]

Costco Gold Bars Sell Out Despite Premium Price

If you can’t get your gold at Costco, consider an ETF that invests in gold. The Gagnam Times reports: Costco, a well-known warehouse discount store in the U.S., is experiencing explosive popularity for a product that has been selling out for several consecutive days. This product is none other than the gold bars sold at […]

A Wise Man’s Take on the Boston Bruins Playoff Chances

The Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy recently spoke with Harry Sinden on the Bruins playoff chances: “They’re definitely a contender,” says the 91-year-old Bruin-in-Winter. “I’m not on top of the team, but from what I’ve seen, they are a reasonable contender. I think they have a good chance to advance. I couldn’t call them the No. […]

Is Your Retirement Life a Mess? Let’s Talk

“Is your retirement life a mess? Then call 1-800-get-HELP.” No, this is not a commercial promising to change your life. This is about my conversations with you. Let’s take last weekend for example. Your Survival Guy was tired of pulling into my garage and looking at the mess it had become and did something about […]

Don’t Be Left High and Dry

Don’t be left high and dry wishing you had a proper bond allocation for your retirement life. You know from my efficient frontier how important it is to focus on how you invest and not necessarily what you invest in. Big pension funds are looking at today’s rates and deciding they’d like to lock them […]

April RAGE Gauge: Real Gold Prices

Your Survival Guy’s April RAGE Gauge is in, and the real mover is gold. But is it too high? Here’s an interesting look at an inflation-adjusted view of gold prices. In real (inflation-adjusted) terms, this isn’t the highest gold has ever been. It’s just catching up on an inflation-adjusted basis. My RAGE Gauge remains at […]

This Is about Your Survival, Not Anyone Else’s

You don’t want to let the perfect get in the way of the good. Specifically, when it comes to your retirement life, you want to get paid to be in the markets. You don’t want to miss out, hoping to get in at the “right” time. When looking at the current interest rate environment and […]

The Grid Pushed to Its Limits

The editors of The Wall Street Journal explain the perilous state of the Texas electric grid, writing: Summer is two months away, yet the Texas power grid is already swooning. On Friday the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (Ercot) asked power generators to postpone scheduled maintenance early this week “to help alleviate potential tight conditions” […]

Your Retirement Life: Newport Is Buzzing

Based on Your Survival Guy’s boots-on-the-ground view of Newport, it’s only April, but it’s safe to say the city by the sea is buzzing. USA Today recently named Newport one of its Top 10 Coastal Towns in the United States. The top 10 were: Stuart, Florida Saugatuck, Michigan Key West, Florida Gulf Shores, Alabama Pismo […]

“Happy I Found Richard C. Young’s Intelligence Report

“Happy I found Richard C. Young’s Intelligence Report all those years ago,” you told me yesterday. “Because we wouldn’t be talking this morning about investing if I hadn’t. Your father-in-law’s monthly letters kept us on track. He kept us focused on saving and compound interest.” That wasn’t the first time I’d heard that. And what […]

Residents Lose Faith in Blue Cities

Your Survival Guy, thanks to my Super States, knows this doesn’t happen by accident. Homes sell for losses when residents lose faith in the future. Look at what’s happening in San Francisco. Liz Lucking reports in Mansion Global: More San Francisco home sellers are losing money on their sale than anywhere else in the U.S., […]

Want to Make and Keep Generational Wealth?

Want to make and keep generational wealth? Read this from Daniel Rasmussen in The Wall Street Journal, who writes: After the spectacular blowup of his hedge fund in 1998, Victor Haghani spent years studying the question of controlling risk. In “The Missing Billionaires: A Guide to Better Financial Decisions,” he and James White offer a […]

Your Retirement Life: Watching The Masters and More

Happy Monday. I hope you had a nice weekend catching some of The Masters from near and far. I remember like it was yesterday, now 25-plus years ago, how Becky and I, newlyweds, enjoyed having it on while getting dinner ready. Watching it this weekend, it’s hard to believe how fast time goes by. It’s […]

Fight Food Inflation with Gold

Simple. Fight food inflation with gold. Don’t want to lug it to your car, pay storage fees and insurance? There are plenty of ETFs that will do the heavy lifting for you. Costco has been selling up to $200 million worth of gold bars a month. The Daily Mail’s Neirin Gray Desai reports: Costco is […]