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Concerns: Does Vanguard Have Your Back or Theirs?

You read, here, here, and here, how Vanguard is not the Vanguard of yesteryear. That’s not necessarily a bad development if you’re at Vanguard, but it is if you’re, like me, an expert on Vanguard and see how much it has changed. There was a time when, without hesitation, we recommended Vanguard products, most often […]

Switzerland’s Foreign Policy

As America heads toward another circus-like presidential election, and the EU looks to be headed for a season of electoral chaos of its own, it pays to look back at something Richard Rahn wrote at the Cato Institute back in 2015 about the presidential election happening then. He wrote: Being surrounded by countries that are […]

Your Survival Guy: Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

One of the risks of living on the water and owning a boat is hurricane season. The water is warming up and may soon feel like a boil. Make sure you’re prepared to help your family deal with what may come. FEMA suggests you think of hurricane prep in stages, as in, what do you […]

Are You Being Held Captive by Vanguard/BlackRock?

As you read here, here, and here, there’s a changing of the (Van)guard taking shape with the installment of former BlackRock exec Salim Ramji as Vanguard’s new CEO—a first for Vanguard in hiring from outside the firm for the position. Ramji was Global Head of iShares & Index Investing at BlackRock. I’m sure if he […]

It Takes Time to Win

One of the key components for the magic of compound interest to work is time. You need to have time to let your money grow. You can’t be spending it. It requires discipline to allow time to work for you. In the Keys News, Tim Reynolds explains what time means to NBA all-stars like Jordan, […]

The Need for a Gold Standard Is Clear: Discipline

You know that 12 inches is a foot. It doesn’t change. It’s a fact of life. Why, then, is the value of the dollar thrown around like a rubber ball? This can’t go on forever, and the government hates discipline. You can expect there will be cuts to services and increases in taxes before any […]

This Is a Relationship Business. That Will Never Change

So, what do you do if you’re stuck in a big box finance house where you’re the product they’re selling to? Times have changed at the likes of Vanguard and BlackRock. You know my favored relationship with Fidelity through the years from here, here, and here. I’m a big proponent of consolidating assets with Fidelity. […]

The Breakneck Pace of National Debt Growth

Over the next decade, America will add trillions of dollars to its debt. According to a recent Congressional Budget Office report, the national debt will rise to over $56 trillion by 2034. Alan Rappeport of the New York Times reports: The United States is on pace to add trillions of dollars to its national debt […]

Is a Wave of Nuclear Development About to Hit?

You’ve read here from Your Survival Guy that the data centers that will power AI, the cloud, and crypto will need a massive amount of electricity. America’s abundant coal and gas power are being shunned by radical Washington, D.C. progressives, and despite every effort and subsidy, solar and wind can’t possibly fill the demand from […]

20-years Later, Another Changing of the (Van)Guard

“I’ve been following Dick Young for decades,” you told me yesterday. And it’s a refrain I hear often in my conversations with you. There’s a reason Richard C. Young’s Intelligence Report was read by tens of thousands of subscribers every month: you. You looked forward to the opening stories. You enjoyed hearing about Dick and […]

June RAGE Gauge: People Are Scared

My June RAGE Gauge is in, and it’s not pretty. What did you expect me to say? With the market hitting new highs and 20-somethings trading stocks instead of working, what could possibly go wrong? That’s why Your Survival Guy wants you to focus on your downside protection first and foremost. You can sink your […]

Water (Bottles) Everywhere, But Not a Sip Taken

Your Survival Guy has his limits. I will not be washing water bottles all summer. I may not see my kids as often as when they were in grade school, but the telltale sign they’re home from college are the water bottles amassed by the sink. I’ve had it. Everyone washes their own from now […]

Are Your Investments Treated Like a Loyalty Card Number?

OK, you read here recently how Vanguard is the new BlackRock, and they are expanding the world of “big box store” investing. Vanguard, BlackRock, and others want to control everything you own. They want to control your investments, taxes, estate planning and more, and—of course—charge you for it. But are you better off? You thought […]

BLUE COLLAR: A Homeowner Before 25

You know that Your Survival Guy is a big fan of Mike Rowe. Almost singlehandedly, Rowe has shined a light on how important and fulfilling blue collar work is in America. Now, with many of America’s Baby Boomer technicians and tradesmen retiring out of the workforce, and college tuition bills not producing a good return […]

FEEDBACK LOOP: Big Funds, Little Stocks

What happens when a big fund invests in little stocks and a wave of new dollars come in? The fund has to buy all those little stocks, driving the price up, and boosting performance at the fund. And because many investors wrongly rely on past performance to predict future results, seeing that performance entices more […]