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Paris: The View from Above

Your Survival Guy’s view from the Eiffel Tower gives you a different look over Paris. There will be plenty more to see during the Olympics. The city is buzzing with excitement and anticipation, if not some frustration from locals dealing with it all, especially the traffic.  Action Line: I want to hear about your […]

House Passes Anti-CBDC Surveillance Bill

In a blow to the ever-growing virtual Panopticon Americans find themselves in, the House of Representatives has passed a bill aimed at preventing “unelected bureaucrats from issuing a financial surveillance tool to fundamentally undermine our American values.” Andrew Throuvalas of reports: The U.S. House passed legislation on Thursday to stop the Federal Reserve from […]

Will AI Data Centers Threaten National Security?

You know that data centers for AI and crypto are eating up electric power generation capacity at a terrific rate. At MarketWatch, retired General Duncan McNabb suggests the energy demands of data centers could put U.S. national security at risk. He first explains that the U.S. power grid is fragile and that America desperately needs […]

Does Anyone Remember Jack Bogle?

From what’s going on at Vanguard these days, you might wonder if anyone remembers the company’s famous founder and investment legend, Jack Bogle. Vanguard has strayed from Bogle’s original thinking. What this means to you if you’re at Vanguard is that you should be paying close attention. Are you being emailed about new products or […]

Americans Escape the City

Your Survival Guy began writing about escaping the city back in 2020, and Americans have been doing just that ever since. Residents can’t leave big cities fast enough. They’re looking for less crime, better affordability, fewer regulations, more fresh air, and an overall better standard of living. At Real Clear Politics, Bill King details Americans’ […]

Bidenflation Punishes Family Businesses

You know how hard it has been to keep the family business running through years of Bidenflation. Costs are up and it’s difficult to feed prices through to customers. You don’t want to charge them more, and they don’t want to pay more, but Bidenflation intrudes on the business/consumer relationship, forcing everyone to do things […]

Intelligence Report: Regime Change at Vanguard Spells Trouble

You’ll want to pay attention to your money if you’re still with Vanguard, because times are changing with the announcement of new CEO Salim Ramji. As a BlackRock alum, Ramji will be the first outsider in Vanguard’s roughly 50-year history. It’s another shot across the bow for acolytes of founder Jack Bogle. The godfather of […]

Saving Til It Hurts Shouldn’t Hurt So Much

Your Survival Guy is a proponent of saving til it hurts. Saving more is helpful for building a comfortable retirement or as a buffer against inflation. At the Cato Institute, Adam N. Michel suggests creating a universal savings account that would replace the qualified savings accounts of today (401(k)s, IRAs, etc.). He recently presented this […]

Even Portland Is Tired of Soft-on-Crime Progressives

You know that Soros-backed DAs are a problem. They go soft on criminals and seem to place blame on the victims. But Americans have begun to understand the coordinated campaign to keep criminals on the streets by electing radical DAs, and they’re pushing back. The first measurable sign of the pushback on George Soros’s network […]

Your Survival Guy in Paris: Getting Ready for the Olympics

OK, Your Survival Guy’s in Paris. After a quick train ride from London (top speed 205 mph), we hit the ground, walking in what felt like another country. Let me just say you don’t want to spend too much time hanging around the train station. I’m not sure if they know they’re hosting the Olympics […]

Can Data Heat Your Home for Free?

You have read here that data centers are eating up energy, and demand for more AI data centers could even spark a renaissance in U.S. nuclear power. Using all that energy generates a lot of heat, and Google is now working toward using some of that heat to warm homes near its data center in […]

Biden’s Inflation Bedtime Story

You have felt the nasty bite of Bidenflation since shortly after Joe Biden began his stay at the White House. Kevin D. Williamson explains in the NY Post that Biden and his supporters are counting on an inflation bedtime story to save Biden in the 2024 election. But the bedtime story, according to Williamson, is […]

Your Survival Guy at The Dorchester

Your Survival Guy and Gal were recently at The Dorchester, where we stayed while in London. Below are some snaps of the area and the hotel, including some from the restaurant Alain Ducasse, where we ate. Alain Ducasse is one of only five 3-Michelin-starred restaurants in all of the UK, and its reputation is well […]

It’s Not Just Crime Driving People Out of Blue Cities

The big blue blob cities have been experiencing an exodus over the last few years, with families and businesses fleeing for a better America. But it isn’t just crime or Covid restrictions that drove them out. It was also the unbearably high cost of living engineered by the big blue cities’ radical progressive policies. In […]

Alabama Workers Reject Union Politics

Workers at an auto plant in Alabama recently rejected a push to unionize by the United Auto Workers (UAW). The Wall Street Journal explains that the workers don’t want to associate with the union’s progressive political priorities. The editors of the WSJ write: Unions and their political allies claim the glory days of union organizing […]