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Your Survival Guy in Paris: Getting Ready for the Olympics

OK, Your Survival Guy’s in Paris. After a quick train ride from London (top speed 205 mph), we hit the ground, walking in what felt like another country. Let me just say you don’t want to spend too much time hanging around the train station. I’m not sure if they know they’re hosting the Olympics […]

Can Data Heat Your Home for Free?

You have read here that data centers are eating up energy, and demand for more AI data centers could even spark a renaissance in U.S. nuclear power. Using all that energy generates a lot of heat, and Google is now working toward using some of that heat to warm homes near its data center in […]

Biden’s Inflation Bedtime Story

You have felt the nasty bite of Bidenflation since shortly after Joe Biden began his stay at the White House. Kevin D. Williamson explains in the NY Post that Biden and his supporters are counting on an inflation bedtime story to save Biden in the 2024 election. But the bedtime story, according to Williamson, is […]

Your Survival Guy at The Dorchester

Your Survival Guy and Gal were recently at The Dorchester, where we stayed while in London. Below are some snaps of the area and the hotel, including some from the restaurant Alain Ducasse, where we ate. Alain Ducasse is one of only five 3-Michelin-starred restaurants in all of the UK, and its reputation is well […]

It’s Not Just Crime Driving People Out of Blue Cities

The big blue blob cities have been experiencing an exodus over the last few years, with families and businesses fleeing for a better America. But it isn’t just crime or Covid restrictions that drove them out. It was also the unbearably high cost of living engineered by the big blue cities’ radical progressive policies. In […]

Alabama Workers Reject Union Politics

Workers at an auto plant in Alabama recently rejected a push to unionize by the United Auto Workers (UAW). The Wall Street Journal explains that the workers don’t want to associate with the union’s progressive political priorities. The editors of the WSJ write: Unions and their political allies claim the glory days of union organizing […]

Cheers from London

Well, Your Survival Guy made it to England after a seven-night Atlantic crossing on the QM2 from Brooklyn, NY, to South Hampton, just over two hours away from The Dorchester Hotel. What can I say about our voyage that you can’t already guess? It’s a long way on a big ship on a big ocean […]

Will AI Cause a Nuclear Renaissance?

After the recent completion at Plant Vogtle of a 1,114MW nuclear reactor project by Georgia Southern, America has no nuclear projects underway. How will it power the massive new demand expected from artificial intelligence data centers and crypto mining operations? Constellation Energy is considering a solution to that problem that involves expanding the nuclear capacity […]

INFLATION: “Lower Doesn’t Mean Solved”

You aren’t buying a Friday pizza dinner for your family today at the same price you were in 2019. Or even 2022. Prices are up, and they’re staying up. At City Journal, Reade Ben explains that “lower doesn’t mean solved” when it comes to inflation. He writes: Americans aren’t happy with the economy. Around three-quarters […]

Richard C. Young’s Intelligence Report: Beat Inertia

OK, imagine you have a pile of cash. What are you going to invest in today? What are your objectives with this money? Will you need it for the purchase of a home down the road? Or for living expenses? Are you in debt? These are just a few questions to get you thinking about […]

Will Americans Ignore Joe Biden’s Inflation?

November is coming fast, and the presidential election with it. Will Americans ignore Joe Biden’s record on inflation? In the New York Post, James Bovard discusses Biden’s record on inflation, writing: On Wednesday, the latest Consumer Price Index report showed that inflation slowed slightly in April but prices continued to rise nearly 4% for the […]

RIFLE Act Aimes to Lower Taxes on Gun Purchases

A group of GOP legislators is pushing for the passage of the RIFLE Act in Congress and the Senate. The legislation would eliminate taxes from firearm sales/purchases currently regulated by the National Firearms Act. Fox News’s Andrea Vacchiano reports: Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and other Senate Republicans recently introduced legislation that would abolish transfer taxes […]

To Your Health: Are You Interested in French Wine?

Are you interested in Burgundy? Burgundy that doesn’t break the bank? In a world of haves and have-nots, I want you to be a have. Because enjoying great Burgundy doesn’t need to be too exclusive. You can find “value” if you seek it out. One of my go-to sources is Kermit Lynch. His team puts […]

How an American Came to Own a Legendary Vineyard in France

Your Survival Guy recently finished reading Climbing the Vines in Burgundy: How an American Came to Own a Legendary Vineyard in France about Alex Gambal’s journey in the wine business. Gambal sat down with Ira David Sternberg, host of the Ira’s Everything Bagel podcast. Watch their discussion of Gambal’s life below: Action Line: Click here to […]

What Happens When Leaders Don’t Learn the Lessons of the Past?

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” – attributed to Mark Twain What happens when the leaders of today haven’t learned the lessons of the past? The same mistakes will be made again, unfortunately. At The Washington Times, Richard Rahn explains the inflationary mistakes of post-World War I Germany and warns that the U.S. […]