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“Happy I Found Richard C. Young’s Intelligence Report

“Happy I found Richard C. Young’s Intelligence Report all those years ago,” you told me yesterday. “Because we wouldn’t be talking this morning about investing if I hadn’t. Your father-in-law’s monthly letters kept us on track. He kept us focused on saving and compound interest.” That wasn’t the first time I’d heard that. And what […]

Residents Lose Faith in Blue Cities

Your Survival Guy, thanks to my Super States, knows this doesn’t happen by accident. Homes sell for losses when residents lose faith in the future. Look at what’s happening in San Francisco. Liz Lucking reports in Mansion Global: More San Francisco home sellers are losing money on their sale than anywhere else in the U.S., […]

Want to Make and Keep Generational Wealth?

Want to make and keep generational wealth? Read this from Daniel Rasmussen in The Wall Street Journal, who writes: After the spectacular blowup of his hedge fund in 1998, Victor Haghani spent years studying the question of controlling risk. In “The Missing Billionaires: A Guide to Better Financial Decisions,” he and James White offer a […]

Your Retirement Life: Watching The Masters and More

Happy Monday. I hope you had a nice weekend catching some of The Masters from near and far. I remember like it was yesterday, now 25-plus years ago, how Becky and I, newlyweds, enjoyed having it on while getting dinner ready. Watching it this weekend, it’s hard to believe how fast time goes by. It’s […]

Fight Food Inflation with Gold

Simple. Fight food inflation with gold. Don’t want to lug it to your car, pay storage fees and insurance? There are plenty of ETFs that will do the heavy lifting for you. Costco has been selling up to $200 million worth of gold bars a month. The Daily Mail’s Neirin Gray Desai reports: Costco is […]

How’s Your State’s Financial Health?

How is your state’s financial health? Have politicians done so poorly with the taxpayers’ money that they’ll soon be forced to raise new revenues? Or have your state’s leaders been careful stewards of its funds, creating a brighter future for you and your children through financial stability? At the Cato Institute, Marc Joffe discusses the […]

Your Retirement Life: A Living Income from Savings

You want a forward-looking indicator? Look at the stock market or 10-year Treasury bond—both flashing warning signs this week. But how about years from now? What will the decades ahead—your retirement life—look like? What if we’re going back in time? You and I, we’re in the business of patience. With so much attention paid to […]

Don’t Underestimate Government’s Ability to Get it Wrong

In October of 2001, Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at the Treasury Department, Peter Fisher, explained that the United States would stop issuing bonds in 30-year maturities because short-term debt was so much cheaper. At the end of Q3 2001, 30-year Treasuries had a yield of 5.42%, while 10-year bonds yielded 4.6%, and and the […]

What to Do with Higher Mortgage Rates?

Prospective homebuyers are asking themselves, “Will rates come down?” Inflation has pushed rates higher, and some buyers are giving up hope. Rachel Wolfe and Imani Moise report in The Wall Street Journal: Prospective home buyers are giving up hope that interest rates will come down soon. They are changing their life plans accordingly. An engaged […]

Get Paid During Your Golden Years

With the 10-year treasury at 4.5%, retired and soon-to-be-retired investors are seeing rates they can sink their teeth into for longer—don’t let inertia keep you down. How high will they go? Not my concern. What I am concerned about is that you get paid during your golden years with some cold, hard cash from interest […]

Investing for the Hidden Inflation in Your Home

With housing costs rising, why not invest in areas that offset them? You know how high insurance premiums, utilities, and home repair costs are. That’s why I like to have a mix of stocks that operate in these specific areas. I want you to get paid too. In The Wall Street Journal, Nicole Friedman discusses […]

Your Survival Guy Likes 5% on Money Market Rates

With interest rates rising, don’t miss the boat with your lazy cash stuck on the beach. BofA strategists say, “History suggests redemptions won’t begin until a year after the Federal Reserve starts cutting interest rates.” You still have plenty of time to consolidate with my favored Fidelity Investments and enjoy money market rates of around 5%. […]

“If Only I’d Followed Dick Young’s Advice Sooner”

“If only I’d followed Dick Young’s advice sooner,” is a refrain Your Survival Guy hears all the time. If there’s one piece of advice Dick Young would give to every investor, young and old, it would likely be this: You need to beat inertia. You need to make it a great month. In other words, […]

Want to Buy a Home?

Want to buy a home or know someone you love who wants to? Don’t let current mortgage rates keep you from building equity. Get in the game. This whole idea of young couples renting is not helpful. There’s nothing like a mortgage to focus one’s mind on being a producer. And if you are retired […]

AI Data Centers Could Consume 25% of U.S. Power

You have read about the massive power needs of data centers for AI and cryptocurrencies. Places with cheap power, like Texas, are experiencing a “gold rush” as data centers are built there to take advantage of the resources. This is how Your Survival Guy likes to invest in AI and cryptocurrencies. In The Wall Street […]