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America’s Pastime Isn’t Baseball, It’s This

You know America’s pastime isn’t baseball. It’s real estate and stocks. You probably have a good idea about house prices in your neck of the woods, and anywhere else you’re interested in. But when it comes to your home, most of the time, you’re not hanging on to its Zillow price, for example, quarter to […]

Can Stocks Attract All That Money Market Cash?

Look at the mountain of cash in money markets today, and you’ll soon realize what it will take to get that money back into stocks, if that’s even possible. It’s called return on one’s capital, and historically, stocks paid a dividend to their owners. Today, the hubris at tech companies and the focus on stock […]

Remington Finds a Better America

In the last decade, the nation’s politics have become more fractured, and people have been looking to move to find a better America. But it’s not just people, it’s businesses too that are moving from their homes to find places where they can live in freedom, and for less money. After New York passed a […]

DIVIDEND: Because You Will Need One to Survive

How do you feel about taxation without representation? Not good, right? How about working your day job for an IOU? Exactly. Not going to happen. But that’s what we see with most tech stocks these days. You have management giving away stock options to retain employees and to goose their own net worth, living on […]

Wall Street Abandons the Climate Extortion Racket

Wall St. has slowly been turning against the climate extortion racket, possibly beginning with Vanguard’s decision to leave the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative back in December 2022. Even ESG champion BlackRock has been backpedaling hard on the investment craze. Now, The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board reports on what might be the beginning of […]

Are You Looking for Investment Counsel? 2 Questions

With all your research and interviews, are you asking the right questions? Are you looking for investment counsel? If you are, then Your Survival Guy recommends asking these two questions first: “Are you a fiduciary?” and “Who is your custodian?” Because once you get the answers to those two questions, a lot of confusion and […]

Is Your Money with the #1 Online Broker?

  UPDATE 2.20.24: Are you with the right broker? Again in 2023, Kiplinger’s (and also Barron’s) named Fidelity the best online broker. Originally posted October 20, 2016.  Don’t Miss the Boat. Friday Email Tickets Sold Here (Free). No surprises here as Kiplinger’s names Fidelity as the top online broker thanks to its mix of services, […]

Happy Presidents Day!

  “When one side only of a story is heard and often repeated, the human mind becomes impressed with it insensibly.” – George Washington

Your Survival Guy: Wine, Guns, Chicken, and Stocks

Your Survival Guy just finished reading Climbing the Vines in Burgundy: How an American Came to Own a Legendary Vineyard in France about Alex Gambal’s journey in the wine business. Not that he needed to do it. He wanted to. He left the family commercial real estate business and with his young family became entrenched […]

See How “Prices” Have Replaced “Investing”

If you want to see how much “prices” have been replacing “investing,” then look no further than the Nasdaq-100 benchmarked Invesco QQQ Trust ETF. Look at how the money just follows the prices. This cannot end well. Stay tuned. Jack Pitcher details the questions surrounding the ETF in The Wall Street Journal, writing: Technology companies […]

Investors Livin’ on Prices Are Livin’ on a Prayer

How is it that investors treat their money like they’re living on a prayer—hoping for the stock market to do something for them—but when it comes to everyday spending, they hold on to every nickel like it’s the last one they’ll have? They read, and read, and read about this car and that one. They […]

COSTLY CUISINE: Dining Out Isn’t Cheap

Another round of CPI inflation data was released yesterday, and for the eleventh month in a row, the cost of dining out rose faster than the cost of food at home. The difference in inflation at restaurants was not inconsequential either. While the cost of eating at home rose 1.2% compared to the year before, […]

“Then One Day the Grandfather was Gone”

Originally posted on September 28, 2023. Your Survival Guy has a client whose grandfather left him some money. That was nice. But the real gift was how his grandfather would teach him about money when they were together. How to roll pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters sitting on the floor and talking. Adding up the […]

Congratulations Brad Marchand on Your 1,000th NHL Game

Brad Marchand of the Bruins chalked up his 1,000th game for the team on Tuesday night, as Your Survival Guy had previewed earlier that day. In The Boston Globe, Kevin Paul DuPont describes Marchand’s career in Boston, writing: Brad Marchand’s Tuesday night found him lined up at his customary spot on left wing, awaiting puck […]

Vance Slams Pro-War, Anti-Trump Republican Leadership

In a lengthy op-ed in The American Conservative, Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) excoriates his colleagues in the GOP’s Senate leadership for their abetting of Democrats’ pro-war, anti-Trump actions. He writes: This weekend, Senate Democrats (joined by a few Republicans, including most Republican leadership) forced through a “security supplemental” that spends close to $100 billion, most […]